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The Global Expat Management Services (“GEMS”) Group have been providing trusted and dependable contractor management services since 1988.  With a strong heritage: contractors, end-clients and recruitment agencies from all corners of the globe rely on GEMS to provide a frictionless and personable support framework for their personnel projects.

Drake Consultants, “Drake” specialise in managing the interests of freelance and self-employed contractors working away from home.  With a principle focus on the ICT sector, our experienced team coordinate live contracts with 40+ agents and/or end-clients in over 15 countries. Drake’s approach is all about keeping it simple and putting our contractors at the centre of our world.

Whether you are an existing contractor or entering freelance employment for the first time, Drake can set you on the right course.

All advice is free and without obligation.   To learn more about the scope of our services, please contact us.