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Jersey’s history and culture has resulted in a diverse and entrepreneurial community, open to every challenge and opportunity.  The jurisdiction’s main language is English, although most European languages are spoken and can be used for business transactions.

Jersey’s status as a Crown Dependency gives the jurisdiction constitutional rights of self-government and judicial independence. This offers both businesses and investors the benefits of an independent international finance centre which is close to the United Kingdom and mainland Europe.

Jersey is divided into 12 parishes. Each parish is presided over by the elected head of parish, the Connétable, on issues relating to civil matters and by the Rector on issues relating to ecclesiastical affairs.

The British pound (£) and Jersey pound (valued 1:1) form its retail currency, with all major currencies accepted for financial transactions.

  To explore Jersey’s vibrant history further, please visit: Jersey Heritage

Jersey for Business

Pro Business

A well regulated, independent Island that complies with international bodies such as the IMF and OECD.

Its vision and ambitions are supported by an accessible, pro-business government.

Strong, Stable Economy

Jersey’s high growth economy supports continuous investment in capital projects and new technologies.

This first-class commercial environment is complemented by new marina, residential and leisure schemes.

Sustained Investment

World-class data centres, telecommunications and modern office developments make Jersey’s infrastructure second to none.

Low Taxation

Jersey’s direct tax rates are among the lowest in Europe, for both individuals and companies – so you keep more of what you earn.

World-Class Support and Advice

Jersey is a centre of excellence for professional services with over 13,000 experienced professionals providing legal,

accounting, and financial services.

Well Positioned

Jersey is well connected for both business and leisure travel.

The Island is less than 14 miles from France and under an hour from London.

Frequent flights to all major European business centres, including Paris, Dublin and Geneva put Jersey at the hub of a world-wide transport network.

Quality of Life

The Island lifestyle is unique. Jersey’s close proximity to France adds a distinctly European feel with Michelin-star restaurants serving the freshest seafood and locally grown produce.

From international film and food festivals to leafy lanes and stunning beaches, Jersey really has something for everyone.

A Welcoming Environment

Jersey values and protects the safety, security and peace of mind of those who live and work here.

Excellent, Modern Services

A comprehensive health service offers excellent facilities and very high standards of care;

schools outperform most parts of the UK and sports and leisure facilities are among the best in the British Isles.